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Frequent Q&A's

Q: Who are Erringden Net?
A: Erringden Net is operated by Progress Partnership in Hebden Bridge (see Contacts page in the About Us section).

Q: What does Erringden Net offer me?
A: Erringden provides web hosting and web design services together with e-mail systems for small business, professionals, organisations and private individuals. We create them and we can maintain them if you require us to.

Q: Who can join Erringden Net?
A: You don’t actually join anything. Erringden Net provides commercial services which automatically places your www. domain name, web site, or e-mail address on Erringden Net, like the address ‘’ is.

Q: I haven’t got a domain name registered, what’s that and what then?
A: That’s simple. Your domain name is your Internet World Wide Web address, if you want a web site, either now or eventually, you probably need your own domain name - just like which is this web.

We can register a domain name or multiple names for you (subject to availability), we can host it for you on our server space, or protect it until your ready to proceed, we will set up your e-mail system or do same on its own without a domain name - as you wish. From plain English advice to a partial or full web site or e-mail solution as you require; we do it.

Q: Does my domain name have to be ‘something’
A: Not at all; that is a sub-domain of Erringden Net (others might be ‘something’ or ‘someone’, or if an organisation or club perhaps ‘something’ just as you prefer).

Alternately you might wish for a unique domain name -‘yourcompanyname’ - and merely point it at our servers, where your web site is actually housed (usually referred to as ‘hosted’). So you have lots of options you might want to discuss with us.

Q: Do you design and build web sites for private individuals as well as businesses and organistions?
A: We will build a site for anyone, however most web sites are constructed with a business or organisational goal in mind.

Q: Can I access and change my web site for myself?
A: That depends on the package you purchase and the the skills you have. We manage content for some and leave most to get on with their own content updates. You can move to self-generated content updates at a later date if you wish, so it’s a scaleable solution.

Q: If I register a domain name through you who owns it?
A: You do, as long as you pay the naming and registrar fees on time when asked to. Some people like us to manage all the administration and configuration for them for an annual domain management fee, we are happy to do that too.

Q: Can I have more than one domain registered and active?
A: Yes, as long as they are available we will register them for you, and manage them on the one account - just the one invoice to pay each year that you keep the domain names.

Q: If I decide to let Erringden Net (Progress Partnership) manage my domains how will I know what is happening with them?
A: We supply details of the current status of all accounts in advance with the invoice. All payments for web services are paid in advance. If we can’t get the name for you you get all your money back immediately - simple as that

Q: What do I get to show that I really do own the domain name or domain names?
A: We issue you with a copy certificate of domain ownership, if you wish you may choose to have the original but we are then no longer responsible for the security of the certificate or the domain name, as you then are able to transfer it to others without us knowing it.

Q: Who deals with all the technical stuff between the registrars, the domain host and my Internet Service Provider?
A: We do all that for you if you wish. It is called ‘domain management’. We charge an annual fee for this in advance. It varies depending on what kind and how many domains are involved. We tell you exactly what to expect in each case.

Q: How much does a domain name cost?
A: It varies. It all depends on what you want and if we can get it for you direct from the registrars. If we can then it will cost between £45 for a UK managed domain with e-mail facilities for 2 years, up to £60 per year for a managed international business domain with full e-mail facilities included.

Q: How much is it to get a web site designed and  constructed for me?
A: How long is a piece of string? It depends on what you require. How complex the design process involved is, how large a web site you need, how much material you provide that is well prepared (or not), and whether you need a highly individual bespoke solution or a simple template design for an online brochure etc.

A typical simple web site of 5 pages based on a set design starts at £550 inclusive and goes upwards, while a basic designer solution starts at a basic of £1,200 and goes upwards

Q: How does it work? How do I go about it, and what does it cost to find out if I need a web site at all, or what kind it should be?
A: We initiate projects with an initial informal discussion of about 30 minutes - to establish the case for a site and likely needs. That’s free.

If you decide to proceed at that time we either continue into planning discussions, or make a further appointment if we need to research or you need more time to come back to us again. Once we start this phase we charge for our time on a per each quarter hour basis.

For a simple site this phase might take around 2 hours, more complex sites will take longer.

Our minimum charge, after the initial free period, is £45 for any consultation, whether you decide to proceed or not. If you do proceed this initial portion of the administration charges is absorbed by us, so it becomes in fact free..

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